Quick Update

Well Mick has done all the boarding out.....

As you can see I had a couple of helpers with the painting.... can we say GRAFFITI?
Amy did a good impression of being plastered!!!!
Her knees are green from  playing football in our break!!!!


  1. Wow, Wow! I'd love to have a doll room! Girls are having fun!

  2. Haha... Amy got more on herself than she did the wall. That's sort of thing I end up doing, getting plastered. Nice to work with wine and paint.

    This is coming along nicely. Not too long and you'll be escaping to the Priors for hours of dolly fun.

    Great pics of the girls, btw.

  3. LOL The girls crack me up! Good progress. How exciting!

    Dawn - OSS

  4. You have a "doll" room right now! Your sweet girls are the real stars here!


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