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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Conundrum Update....>>>

In bed last night I had an 'epithany' moment!LOL (Yes, I dream dolls) I wondered how it would work if I put a patio in that dark back area? The bathroom could go next to it maybe?
So will a 'glass' wall between the two buildings looking out onto a patio and the bathroom next to the patio?  I thought the side wall of the bathroom could be 'frosted glass' this would still allow light into the bathroom....would this work?
Well, yes and no! The design looks good and I like it BUT it does make the rest of the apartment a little small?
Then...... Ding Dong... anyone home? Why not swap the Apartment's in the corner with the hotel next door? If I no longer need to fit a kitchen, living room and bedroom in .... just the bedroom and a sitting area YES! Yes, it works!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Design Conundrum???

 So I've moved on to building the apartments in the adjacent corner. Trouble is how do I make it work?
 Thing is the apartment streches into the corner
 So how do I make it work?
 Open plan is a given
 But the bathroom?
 At the front? No, this blocks out the kitchen!

 Along the side? Maybe?

 In the middle? Might be possable?
 Would make the living area small?
 I can take the side wall down for access to the bedroom.
 This is looking like the best floor plan

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Finished Neal and Sarah's Home.....

The top floor (attic) is the nursery and nanny's room's

Setting out the rooms to see if things fit

Nersury to be?

And now.... almost ready for baby

Yes, we know it will be a girl

The floor below is for the guest bedroom (still awaiting the bedside tables)

At the moment the bed base is a box but I hope to make a proper day? LOL

This is the bedroom for Dawn and Ben. Sarah and Neal thought about giving them separate rooms but the children are still only little and like being together.

Now back upstairs this will be Molly (the nanny's) bathroom

Her large now decorated room with kitchen and lounge area as well as her bed area.

Just waiting for the re-painted wardrobe.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Children's Room and the big clean up

 Dawn and Ben's bedroom
 Neal and Sarah's guest room... OK, it needs a little work!
 And now onto my clean up
 I have tried to keep things tidy but well... things get messy so I had a two day clean up

 Hay look guys.... TOILETS!

Does it look tidy? No? Well you should have seen it before!
This Shop fridge arrived
Not sure why the phone?.... But I'm always looking for phones and this is a nice one!
Yes, I know I have more wallpaper than a DIY store but I needed some plain ones!
OK, so can you see the plan ones... I did get some.... honest I did! LOL

Got some great patterns.... OK, so add wallpaper to my addictions list!

Glitter flowers are very 'in' at the moment and these are such pretty colours
New rugs and mirrors. Going to use the round mirrors as place mats
This I Pad is so cool
Even has the Apple logo on the back
Some medical equipment all made of mettle!
 So I had to put this packaging in. It's for the clamps.... but looks like a mould for something? Not sure what though?????