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Marilyn's Restaurant

I have quite a few MacDonald's items, you know the stuff all with that big M.

Now I'm not a MacDonald's person and did not want one for my dioramas so what to do? Sell it? If you know me you would know that would soooo not happen. That leaves converting it into something I could use.

Hence Marilyn's .... see got a big M. 

Next up decoration.... Marilyn was classy, flash and loved her bling. Because of the era I was thinking black and white, retro. Then I remembered I had a Barbie as Marilyn doll. 

That was as far as I got, well for the next year anyway as I had other things to get on with. 
Space was allocated, doll for display, MacD stuff and the idea of black and white.

Then as I was on my never ending search for wallpaper..... I have 100's of wallpaper samples and never leave the house without my scissors (just in case I see some I can cut off a sample)

I came across this wonderful Marilyn wallpaper in black and white PERFECT.

The diorama is at ground level so not so ea…