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Barbie Bus Re-Vamped..... Part Two

I FINISHED my bus at last after two and a half years... I blame the weather you need good weather for outdoor spraying.It has nothing to do with me procrastinating!!!!

The pictures are photos stuck onto a sponge type backing (check out next weeks post)

 The lamp is a drawer knob
 Check out the 'bling' lights

(glue was still a little wet on the right hand light but dries clear)
 For the flooring I used wallpaper in the living area and doll house floor for the sleep area  I used a stick up light (IKEA) to light the sleep area  I need to make a slim-line table but this one will work for now.
The tiled area that yo can see top right is a shower room or it could be a toilet? At the moment I can't find the shower head? (I put it some place safe I just can't remember where?)
 The bed folds in half as an extra seating area and gives more room to move around  Oops! A little chip I need the white paint AGAIN!  And just because he was my little helper today.... GODFREY!