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Decorating for Christmas Doll Style

I was hoping to get this posted weeks ago but ...TIME!!! Never any time!
So think of this as being ready for next year!
When your doing a Christmas diorama you do not need to spend much or even make a lot of effort.

For walls you can use Christmas wrapping paper
Either blue tack it to a piece of foam core board or cut to size and spray glue. I would not recommend wallpaper paste for this in most cases the paper is not thick enough.

You can buy miniature trees that are already decorated or you can decorate your own. Decorated trees can be found on e.bay or doll house stores/websites. Also look out for them in DIY stores (that's where I found mine) These often come with light so can give a very authentic look. (Note: remember to remove the batteries before you pack lights away. I forgot a couple of sets and they now no longer work)

If you wait until very close or just after Christmas there is a good chance you can get mini trees at a discount. I brought most of mine for 50p (75 …


In most dioramas you can get away with not having windows BUT they do help give a room that authentic look. At the moment most of my dioramas do not have windows these are permanent fixtures and once the fronts go on they will have them.

Now when you start to think about windows the first step is what type of window do you want? Will you make it or buy one? Does it need to be two sided, look good outside as well as in?

If your going to make one there are some pretty good tutorials already out there

Johanna has done one on both doors and windows

Kerstin has also done a great tutorial

As to buying windows....

Houseworks make 1:6 scale (Barbie) windows and doors (the doors are a little short and don't really work for Fashion Royalty)

With a little work you can remove the windows from a Barbie doll h…