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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I'm Baaaaack

So been gone a long, long time my doll room has had quite a overhaul ... well the start of one anyway. 
I decided to redress my dolls all 525 of them! Then my dad had four heart attacks (greedy I know) he is OK, now after having two stents fitted.
So for many months I have just been using the room as a dumping ground now it's tidy up time!

The stupid downloader decided to mix up the pictures and as there are 67 of them I can't  spend the next couple of hours trying to get them back in order so apologies for the jumping about.....

Redressed dolls awaiting their new spots 

 Winter wonderland




 All newly arranged Boutique


Children's wear

Dolls waiting for a wedding  


The spare bedroom at Neal and Sarah's home 

 Dawn and Ben's bedroom (Neal and Sarah's children)

 Attic nursery in Neal and Sarah's home 

Molly is Neal and Sarah's nanny she has her own studio apartment at the top of Neal and Sarah's home (next to the nursery). This is her bathroom the door is open so you can see through to the main room and the door leading out into the stairwell this does down to the main part of the house.

Neal and Sarah's bedroom, behind the screen is their walk-in wardrobe and their bathroom

 Their bathroom

 Their hallway

 Neal's office

 Their living-room (oops the light has fallen down!!!) 

 Their hallway

 The next home along belongs to Pippa and her second husband Dylan. 
This is their bedroom

 Pippa's daughter Marsha has a job as an intern at a fancy solicitors 

 She has to share a bathroom with her sister. It has Jack and Jill doors

Her sister Jenna's bedroom is on the other side

 Their lounge/dining-room (lights have come down again)


 The kitchen has patio doors that lead out into the garden

  Now the pictures go a little out of order.

These apartments are in need of organization.  


The long view towards the hotel.

Now we go back to the Hospital (The Princess Catherine)

 On the ground floor there's a Cafe

And the Doctors office

First floor main ward

 Second Floor ICT (Intensive Care Unit)

 Top floor Children's and Maternity

Some more random pictures
I have a 'thing' for prams/buggies/strollers


The hotel swimming pool. It's a little overcrowded as some of these people are waiting to go to the beach (not built yet)

A hotel room. This is a single room.

One day this will be the airport

I filled up Kandy's wardrobe but I'm wondering where Chris's clothes will go?

Another random picture this one is of the Cinema and part of the airport.