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The Boutique moves on....

The fitting room
 Woman's wear

 Entrance to fitting room still needs curtains

 You can just see through to the Teen dept on the left and Bridal on the right
 Menswear still need to paint the two cabinets and yellow shelving unit

 Baby/Children's Dept again a couple of units still need painting

 Looking through the store window. Again this unit needs a little work, I was thinking of replacing the pink 'doors' with photo's?
 The Bridal dept

 Teen Dept and again the unit still needs painting and I need to make a couple of clothes rails.

 Behind the blue rail is a opening that you can see down to the floor below.
Still fitting the ceilings and the lighting then it will be done! Well apart from the outside walls and some stock.... oh, and staff a few customers might help too!

New this week...>>>>

This great new Perspex bed with side tables and real working lights is just wonderful.
 OK, so lets play 'spot the toilet'....
 The wardrobe is by the same person
 They make the perfect room. Fil does wonderful work and sells through the boards and on Dollpage LINK
These two beds are for my Momoko girls (well two of them anyway)
 They are from Amber. The frames are by Bashette Ironworks and Amber made the bedding
 Perfect or what?

 The strangest thing was when I put Daisy in the bed it felt all snugly... just like a bed should!
 This young lady said you will have to wait to meet her!
 Anyone short of a seat? LOL It a chair Conga!
Oh, and yet more kitchen units!

Slowing down on the buying....

So I can get on with the building

Well I started last week OK but by the end....
Well see for yourself!
 Got this lot because I wanted the high-chair!
 OK, so I know I'm cracked in the head!!LOL
 But there was some good stuff
 Everything except the orange Sindy bathroom and pink wardrobe was in one auction.
 Camping anyone?

 Anyone got a picture of this MacDonald's set not sure what the missing bases look like?

 Any guesses as to any of these? (above)

 These dolls were also in the box! Plus, som clothes that are in the wash!
 Oh, and some baby clothes from another auction.


I got mail...>>

Just thought I would show you my latest finds

 Orange Sindy bathroom.... Oh, look a TOILET!
 Check out the bath hat!
Need to find the sink half of this kitchen set.... they have them on evil bay but I keep getting out bid! *sigh*
 This is such a good style of fire.... even lights up!
 Two room dividers
 More hospital beds, I think I have enough now.... but never say never! LOL
 Dressing table.... the wings on the mirror are broken so I might turn this into a desk?
 and another bathroom in blue, sadly no toilet with this one!
All the above items are Sindy apart from the hospital beds. My cat Didi and himself.... GODFREY! Who's knee is feeling a lot better now!