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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Is Coming ....Part Two

Christmas cards....
These can be made easily from gift tag stickers

 Stick them on a plan white sheet of paper
Cut paper to size
 And there you go.

 Can also be used for place mats
I added some mini stars as detailing

The table by the way is a small planter with a FR stand on top.
 You could also sprinkle with glitter for extra detail.


Now for trees and other items
 At this time of the year you can find small trees almost everywhere.
 For decoration these mini ball-balls are a good start little bows (mine came from last years crackers) but again are easy to find in craft stores.  For tinsel I used parcel wrap, it's about the right size and again comes in a ton of colours. Bits of old jewelry or beads with mini hooks on make fun tree ornaments.
 For gifts to go under the tree again you can buy little packs of these in Christmas tree departments or make your own. Mini bows or ribbon can be used for decoration.

 Adding lights .....again so easy these days with all these mini lights around with battery packs.
 I found these mini Santa ornaments on ebay. Look in the dollhouse section. 

 More tree ornaments I found for decoration under the tree.

So many other items can make good doll decorations

 Jewelry ornaments

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Chistmas is coming.... Part One

I thought I might forget the doors I've been mumbling about for now and try and decorate a few Christmas items.
NOTE TO SELF: Make sure you have everything to hand BEFORE you start!

NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT just throw things in the cupboard willy nilly not helpful in the long run!
 I had no idea what I'm going to end up with or even what I'm going to make when I started out.
First I brought a few mini trees and door rings. I thought I could decorate these (The door rings might  even force me to make a few doors to HANG them on? Or not? So once I had my items to decorate I looked at my bead boxes. A mess looked back at me so I spent a day sorting out all my beads. I then wondered if I had and Christmas flowers? So I need to look for my flowers... I found them but they were in a right mess! So I spent a day sorting them out.

 I had repainted some of these Barbie plants and flowers in the past.

 Left one I painted
Pot in the middle has not been painted

 Above... Flowers to be painted

 Below... Re-painted flowers from the Barbie Flower Shop
 I purchased a tin fridge with two shots glasses and some booze (not sure what to do with the booze as I don't drink and parents only drink wine give it to a friend I guess?) Below are the shots glasses filled with glass gravel from IKEA.
 Below are a mixture of flowers some are Mattel and some Rement fixed into bead vases with 'blue-tack' you could also use glue dots. If you want to keep the flowers in the vases permanently then you can glue them in.

 These are just a few ideas and next week I will show you how I made them and how to re-paint (Mattel) flowers and plants.