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Friday, 27 January 2012

I'm Lovin' my hotel room

 The bath still needs a re-spray (white)

 The rail around the balcony is still to be installed

 Downstairs in reception work is still going on!

 I now have the large window installed. Not sure whether to paint the two pink sofa's white or try and find different sofas?  I want a Art Deco look (which these are not) but can't find three Art Deco looking sofa's???? Any ideas welcome!
 And on to the Omar Wing and the operating theatre 

 New table arrived today
 Plus, these Art Deco place mats
 And these sample tiles for my kitchen

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Working On Hotel

 This is a mock-up of one of the hotel rooms

Operating Theatre and Hair Salon....

 I've moved the operating theatre to the new Omar Wing it's still under construction at the moment.
 The Hair and Beauty Salon has also moved to larger premises. I like to set things out and see if they fit before I decorate


 But often when I put the furniture back it just does not 'look' right and has to moved around.

I need to re paint some of the furniture still
Only just opened and already they are rushed off their feet!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Mini Update...>>>>

So many questions about these cars so....
Hasbro Sindy car was from 2002/3 is a solid item and retailed at about £35/£40 ($48/$55) and sold in the UK.
The Mattel Ken car is a lot lighter in weight is available now $25/$30 (£18/££25) is available in America and might be sold in other countries at some some?

Now on to who will fit and how they look. My volunteers are ready and waiting

 First issue Dynamite Girl
 Second Issue Dynamite Girl
 Pivotal Barbie
 Fashion Royalty

All the ladies fit fine although the seat belt could be a little lower as it cuts through their necks. I'm sure this could be adjusted if I fiddled a little with it?
 Older style Ken fits into the car but there is no way he can grip the steering wheel!
 The more modern (Harley) body has no problem fitting in and can grip the wheel.
 Even the Fashion Royalty Homme can fit into Ken's little car
 Maybe the windscreen could do with being a little 'bigger'? LOL

Now the Hasbro Sindy car (Actually I'm not sure if this is a Hasbro or Vivid car? I guess I had better check that out?)
 First Issue Dynamite
 Second Issue Dynamite
 Fashion Royalty
 Older Style Ken
 (Harley) Style Ken
 Even Fashion Royalty Homme fits AND the lid (roof) goes on!

They do all fit in with the door shut but I just left it open so you could see the dolls better!