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Monday, 30 March 2015

Simple Wardrobes and storage Part Two

While working on sorting out all my doll clothes (almost finished) I felt that hanging suits like this was just not working for me

So I decided on some experimentation.
I found a female body form (Mattel) and traced around it on 3mm foam-core board. You could use cardboard. I used a craft knife to cut the shape.
It only needs to be a vague shape nothing fancy and you can trim if needed.
Next I glued hangers to the top. I'm sure you could make hooks easy enough or use picture/ curtain hooks. 
But these hangers work fine and are very inexpensive. I found mine on E Bay

Works well for trouser suits, skirt suits, and strapless tops/dresses.

 (not sure why the colours do not match in the photo but they do in real life?)
I wanted to show all my different wardrobe ideas but I need to photograph them outdoors (more space. But as always the weather will not co-operate with storms every day this last week. *sigh*

And as a note to myself ALWAYS KEEP SUIT PIECES TOGETHER) No I didn't I had all the skirts in one baggy tops in another jackets in another etc. Now I'm spending ages trying to match things up. I think my dressed dolls must have run off with a lot of pieces so I will have to wait for the annual doll census (when all doll get redressed, photographed and name checked. Yes, all 600+ dolls have names and their own photo file.) But that's a whole other story.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Little Things That Mean So Much

The finishing touches for every diorama. Now I've been collecting bits and bobs for years and you can find things EVERYWHERE. Always think dolls when looking through magazines and catalogues. Even the leaflets that are posted through the letter box. 

 For small cutting I use scissors but on larger items my trusty knife.
 A metal ruler is best for this.
 I will post at the end some links for finding some of these paper cut-outs

This sponge stuff makes a great backing for pictures etc and comes in a variety of colours.

  This will help make your pictures more 'life like'

Almost all of the items below I got from Paper Minis

Printable Mini (free)

Paper miniatures for 12 inch fashion dolls this is a Facebook group (free)

Paper Minis

 I've posted a few links above but please if you have a link to any other groups/boards/sites post link.

Amy received a set of Paddington books at Christmas and they came with this leaflet.

 I cut them up leaving as much as I could of the background on the left hand side so I could fold and they would look like real books. 

The W.W.W. is full of pictures that can be used in your dioramas. Be careful though that these are not copyrighted. I'm no expert on the law I know some you can't copy and other stuff can be copied for your own use. I google printable pictures of ---- (whatever you are looking for)

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Simple Wardrobes And Storage

I have a TON of doll clothing and after years of rummaging through bags and never finding what I'm looking for or even remembering what I have so I thought it was time I made some quick, simple and cheap storage. 
The cheapest is to use a doll box and just fit a bar for hanging but I wanted something just a little more so this is what I came up with....

You will need
  1. Foamcore board I used 5mm thick board 60cm x 84cm
  2. Foam 2 Foam glue You can use any glue but this works best I think
  3. Ruler
  4. Tape measure
  5. Pencil
  6. Something sharp to cut with (craft knife
  7. Cutting board I have a big board but a smaller one would work
  8. Metal ruler if possible (Helps with cutting a straight line) 
  9. The rods are the metal rods from the Integrity Doll stands. They are great as they are adjustable.
 All of the above can be found on E.Bay or craft stores

I'm giving you the sizes I use but you can make your units any size you wish.
Measure 40cm longways mark and cut put other piece of board to one side you will need it in a minute.

(Kitten got my tape)

Then mark and cut 7cm x 2 from one side. 

The large piece will be the back and the two smaller pieces you cut off will be the sides put this three pieces to one side and get the other piece of board. Cut two stripes long ways at 7cm wide. Place your back board on top and mark the length then cut.

Your board is 5mm thick so you will need to shorten your side pieces by 10mm (1cm)
Glue longer strip on first then the two sides. I use the wall to help with keeping the pieces straight. 
NOTE: Don't leave against wall as it might stick to the wall! LOL

Then it's time to divide up the box any way you wish
 The box bellow I shelved out with some old board I had laying around (some had a bit of a curve) Oops

For menswear I would make the sides a bit wider 9cm or 10cm and for shoes 4cm or 5cm. It's up to you. Also if you made the sides deeper to could make a lid from another piece of board or perspex.

If your fussy you can measure the space and and mark for fixing the rods but I'm afraid I can never be bothered so mine are all a little wonky! LOL

A final tip is I add a small strip of foam board to the bottom front so the unit slopes back a little, just helps a little with balance. 
Display box with wallpaper backdrop

The storage area still has some furniture in it but when I move this the units will fit underneath and I will add a sticker on the end with what's in the unit.
 A shelving unit for shorts and small tops with 'bins' at the bottom for swimsuits. The fronts are just held in place with small tacks.

 Underwear box

Now as to hangers well I buy mine in bulk from E.Bay but you could make your own using florist wire, pliers and sore fingers!

I found these last week they were only £3 each and so much cheaper than the £10 Osram lights