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Yes, life has been manic these last couple of weeks! This is my new bed from Amber  And my new lights. Now these lights are wonderful LED battery lights that can stand (as pictured) or fixed to the wall or ceiling. They are much brighter than others I have used in the past.  I also received the cot
 The side goes up and down

 The lace edging is just so beautiful
 I brought this backdrop from Well I brought some others too but this is the first one I have used.

I think it's table week?...>>

I think I'm safe in saying tables are a big part of this weeks pictures  Well this first item is more a desk and chair
 But there is a table in this set

 This is a cake stand with Butterfly base shown with Ghost chairs
 And a table and chair set from Maryann Roy

 He had to come into it some place! Helping me unpack the box!  Went to a DIY store this week and they were selling off a load of tiles for £1 each

 The square tiles are glass and could be table tops (or human coasters)