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Sunday, 19 January 2014

If you have been wondering where I'm at

Well like most people Christmas meant a stop to building and needing extra room the doll room became a dumping ground. I'm now going through it and sorting things out. My doll stuff is always moving depending on what I'm doing. Sometimes overflow storage is in the dining room, sometimes the study and them when I need the space my doll room... now it's heading back to the dining room. I wish I could add another floor to my doll room, just for storage....well and a few displays maybe? OK, if I'm honest it would be a second doll room and full to overflow in weeks!
So this is my doll room at the moment
Dolls queuing up for diorama placement

New dolls

 Airport front has caved in?
 Somewhere to dump trees
 Hospital in need of some fixing
Check out my toilet line

It's all just a MESS!!!!