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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Pool and Penthouse....

More work on the pool area


 Welcome to the Penthouse

 Had a little (big) helper today!

The Night Club

Not quite ready for patrons
 The club is on two floors
 The upper level is reach by climbing a spiral staircase
 Theirs a balcony looking out over the main entrance and the hotel opposite

 I'm going to paint the wood 'beams' to look like steel girders.
 If they don't look right I might try the tubing?

Still working on the penthouse.....

Penthouse railing

Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Update...>>>

Still working my way around and back and forward plus some up and down in and out... do you get my drift? Yep, I'm all over the place!

 Darius is showing his girlfriend around his new night club
 I'm not sure if she is overly impressed?
 It will be on two floors and behind it you can see the hotel.... All but will extra attention paid to insulation and sound proofing!

 The hotel is getting busy even with all the building work going on around it!

 Looks like someone is staying in the Queen Anne Suite (They are all named after queens.... But not always 'Royalty'????) I'll explain it one day!
 Outside dining area of the Queen Elizabeth Suite.... named after MY queen who is celebrating her Golden Jubilee this year... hence why it's the penthouse named after her!
 Kitchen area still awaiting some walls and lighting! Oh, the interior walls are all made from frosted acrylic so the light shows through. I'm trying to find a panoramic view for the dining area.
 The entrance

 Bedroom still needs the light put up
 And I forgot to order the far wall between the bedroom and the marble bathroom

 I need to fix the basin taps and the bath is still being re sprayed
 Next to the penthouse is a single room at the moment a flight attendant is using it but when the penthouse is in use it will be for the guests assistant or whoever to stay in so the are at the beck and call of the VIP!
 Temporary bedding as I need to make a mattress and then I can dress the bed (iron the covers)

 And now we are taking a peek in the hotel pool area this leads down onto the beach
 The blue 'sky' panels on each side of the beach are going to have screens which will (I hope) make it look more realistic?
 This is something I just finished
 Darius's bar
 Still needs more booze and the soft drinks etc
For some reason it's missing the foot rests and beer pump?