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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Finally starting to get somewhere... not sure where though?LOL

 Neal and Sarah's living room
 Fireplace is just temporary while I paint one... can't decide on the surround or cream?
 Door to go in on the far side next to the fire
 Working lights
 The lamps are a pair of curtain poll ends with little lights under them

 Changed the kitchen
 Cupboard doors to be red? cream? still trying to decide
I found a seller on E.Bay who cuts perspex to size so I'm thinking of doing the back wall red perspex?
And now going up to the bedrooms
Neal and Sarah's suite takes up a whole floor
I want to put either a glass brick or frosted glass wall behind the bed
you can just see the dressing area along the back all behind the bed. With all the 100's of wallpapers I have I had so much trouble finding the right paper? I'm hoping I have the right look... we will see?
The wall at the front will have a door leading to their bathroom
  and this is their bathroom
Forgot to show you the entry hall awaiting the doors. To the left is the kitchen and the right the toilet and laundry room.
The house next door
Two bedrooms elder daughter Roz on the left and Eve on the right. Toilet in the middle awaiting two doors from each bedroom
 Roz's room
 Girls toilet
Eve's bedroom

My cushion box...I have quite a few!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mini Update......

 This set was made for midgets! LOL But my FR dolls are on the tall size
 The table was easy to sort out but the chairs?
 I can use these white ones for now
 But I just love these 'Macintosh' style chairs
 Anyone any suggestions on how I can make the legs longer... about 3cm (1 inch)
 Neal and Sarah's living room
 Another angle

Sarah felt the old table was to small with their ever growing family so she wanted a bigger one
 Another angle
 Neal's office needs a bit more furniture
 This is the house next door
There lounge/dining room

Monday, 17 October 2011

Update for this week...>>>

 Looking through the window at Sarah and Neal's new kitchen
 From another angle, the units are still to be painted
 Ground for of house #2 and looking into the ground floor hospital. Not done anything much to these rooms this week
 First floor of the hospital just fitted the ceiling (hence the clips)
 On the second floor to the left the operating room, behind the stripy wall   is the waiting room and on the right ICU. The walls are not fixed yet and some have decided to curve a little? Not sure how to stop this but I think they will be OK once the doors and windows are fitted and then I can make the walls more permanent?
 Oops! call in the builders the ceiling is fulling down!!!!
Close up of the operating room. The phone is one of those speaker phones still awaiting the Telecom guy!
 And with the surgeons out of the way, I've made the bed higher and longer. Covered some foam core with black shiny sticker back plastic. I also sprayed the pink bed table silver and I think it makes an OK table for the surgical instruments?

 A couple of pic's of my spraying room. Well this is my study cleared out ready for the re build

If you interested in ready my other BLOG about my dolls and my family

and my WEB SITE

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Building of... THE PRIORS ... a doll room: A Tour of the town...

The Building of... THE PRIORS ... a doll room: A Tour of the town...: OK, so don't get all excited two posts in one week I know! So I thought I would show you how the town is progressing... or not! Looking acr...

A Tour of the town...

OK, so don't get all excited two posts in one week I know! So I thought I would show you how the town is progressing... or not!
Looking across the bottom of the town (room) Straight ahead is the Hotel, to the left Hospital (out of view) and two Apartment buildings eight apartments in total.
Along with all the other things I have a bit of a wallpaper fetish!!!!
Looking down on the left side of the room. Two houses on the left are in view directly in front is the hospital. On the right Shopping Mall on the lower two floors then it will be beach and park next floor up is the Airport and top floor will be more shops.
All waiting to move in
More lighting and ahmmm (dis) organized mess!!!
The Night club and restaurant will be on two floors.Below the club at the moment is a load of children's stuff but one day will be Darius's studio department.
Looking down on the right hand side of the room... to the left is the shopping mall etc and on the right apartments, night club, school and hotel. Across the back wall more apartments.
The same side but taken from the other end. You can just see my desk on the right and ahead will be more apartments and houses.
A TON of greenery
Some ladies are heading for Edwards Fashion Emporium
These are actually apartments but they are storing hospital stuff while the hospital is being built.
Looking down on the Mall
One day this will all be gone! Well, maybe not gone but spread around more and these will be two houses in the middle and apartments either side
OK, and now for something else....
From this.....
to this
The other day I showed you my very pink bar... well not so pink any more!
This will be a Beach Bar

And a delivery from Amber....
Beautiful table and chairs (with rug)
What's the pink thing?
Why a cot of course! No I'm not showing you it in detail or even telling you who it's for... you will just have to wait for The Priors (my doll story) to start up again.
To finish a few more pictures of the bar with a couple of patrons....