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Quick Update...>>

Cable now in for the electrics and insulation on the floor....

Mick (my builder) will be back tomorrow to lay the floor and start putting up the battening on the walls! And I've been at the wallpaper samples in B&Q (DIY Store) again! Hope to paste these onto Foam core boards tomorrow!

The builders move in....>>>>

Still not having much luck with getting a good picture to show the size of the room. But these are what I have so far....

Then the builders moved in....

Time for an Update....>>>

Well, it's up!
They erected it in the poring rain so it will tack a few days to dry out! The electrician is coming tomorrow (Monday) to give me a quote and as soon as the ground is dry we can start on the flooring!
See the puddles of water behind Sophie! These were just a couple of quick pic's and I will tack some more next week.

This is my dining room at the moment....

 Note the box of furniture and the heater....

Not sure what I'm going to do with the drawers (I think mum and dad might need them when they move?) All the boards on top are walls for the doll houses. Plus two boxes of lights. The rest of the junk is for the study.... when that eventually gets done!

Some of my dolls awaiting their new home....

And a look at just a few of the boxes awaiting removal to their new home....

Every space is taken... even on top of the fridge!

Piled up in the doorway, I have to go in and out sideways

Transport was ready and waiting....

And finally, boxes of 'little things'

Just a quick update......>>>

Well, the doll room has now arrived but I think it still needs a little 'tweaking' before we are ready to move in!