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First Post In A Looooong Time

Life can be such a PAIN I have had soooo little time for me let alone my Dioramas. But Sophie started college on Monday and Amy this morning so now I have some time AT LAST!
First though before I start about me and mine, this diorama site link was posted on facebook and I wanted to pass it along. It's OK no need to be on facebook to look it's on wordpress. It's called davidneat

But now I think I will be able to come back to some much needed doll/diorama therapy?
The doll room is still one BIG mess as I find myself working not only forwards but back and sideways too. After the floods earlier in the year when all the dioramas on the ground level had to be removed .... then returned and I ended up re-doing a lot of it I then decided to clean a few cars and find a HUGE damp patch (now fixed) and cars are now cleaned. I then decided to start back at the begging and fix all the stuff I worked on before I learnt that I was doing it all wrong! Well, no…