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Making something from Nothing

Just back from my holiday and still feeling a little addle brained so going to make this a short one. 
When packing for my holiday I as always left everything to the last minute and an hour before we was due to leave I remembered my travel doll? So a dash to the doll room pick up a doll and a few bits close to hand and we was set!
Once we had arrived I looked at what I had brought with me?
A cover and a couple of pillows and some 'bits'.
So she needed a bed
All hotels have a bible and a phone book
Bible for the base and the phone book as a 'mattress'
Then I raided the bathroom a hand towel for the bottom of the bed a rolled face cloth for the pillow and another for a cover!
Then for a unit for some bits and bobs to sit on.

Say hello to the tissue box unit. Then later in the week more dolls came to stay and another bed was needed They arrived in a FR box so this became the second bed base and I used a couple of t.shirts as covers. The other half of the box could be made into a war…

Making a glasses Stand

First off I've hurt my back decorating my daughters room and this has messed up my doll building! *sigh*... lets say it again *SIGH*
I have been painting more toilets though... but bored with them now soooooo
For this week I'm going to take you back in time to a little something I made some years ago 
A glasses stand
You will need a Toblerone tube
A Fashion Royalty stand
Sticky back plastic
A large needle
Fake mirror

Cover the Toblerone tube with sticky back plastic Cut a piece of 'mirror to size and glue on one sideUse a pair of glasses to get dimensions and make pairs of holes for the glasses arms to go through using the large needleMake a hole in the centre of the Toblerone base for the pole to go up.If you need to make the base more solid you can always add a triangle of foam core board.Slide the Toblerone box onto the stand and fill with glasses! Short but sweet this week (get it? sweet.... Toblerone is chocolate... OK, I give up)