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Now I have done a post about kitchens before but this is a sort of moving forward update on the first one... LINK HERE

Or another post ....Neal and Sarah's Kitchen

As always I think the modern Mattel stuff is way to small the best around by far for me is the Pedigree Sindy A line kitchen from the 70's.
OK, so it's yellow but you can easy change the door colours with spray paint or sticky back plastic. Pedigree also made a few other great kitchens.

A great modern kitchen is..... wait for it.....The Modern Kitchen! It's not expensive and comes in colours other than PINK!

It is a little short though, but a plinth of foamcore soon fixes that.
This kitchen is not very expensive and pretty much available worldwide from Amazon or E.Bay. It does come as a three unit or four unit run. Above is the three unit the four unit comes with a microwave.
As with most toys aimed at children it has it's issues in this post I hope to cover most of them as I see them.
First is height it&…