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Same kitchen as last week but with the cupboards turned around to show the white side and a different style of decoration.

 Isn't he handsome? His name is Finn and he is an OOAK re-paint by Dawn One Sixth Sense  LINK

And now onto tiles  These are some of mine
 Look for sample tiles on ebay

 Or the discontinued shelf in DIY stores

None of these were purchased with a specific room in mind .... just might come in handy one day?
Just an idea but if you keep a lot of your unused goodies boxed away take photo's and keep them in a file for reference  You can by sheets of the small mirror tile in hobby stores and these are sticky back are very easy to cut and use on a tone of things
 A few ideas


This is the kitchen we are looking at and it comes with all these accessories too.Kitchen is from Wilko as is the picture.
Dynamite, Ken and Barbie FR and Homme Kitchen on one plinth. The plinth is a piece of 10mm foam-core board  cut to size Two pieces are better than one. The units need to be 'tidied up' a little. A simple change is to just turn the background boards around so they are plain. I covered the cardboard backgrounds with white contact paper and black for the oven. It's easy to add a workspace just cut two pieces of foam core for the front and back of the unit I used 10mm as I had used it for the base. Don't forget that you will be adding a worktop so when working out the height deduct the height of the work top. I still had a bit of 10mm spare but 5mm would really work better. I used an off cut at the bottom to hold the units together. These are then fixed together with pins but if your making it as a permanent display glue would work but don't glu…