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Painting Toilets

A week later and no further on! Amy is now back at school but I have been decorating real rooms and not doll rooms! But I have been painting toilets....for dolls

Yes, I hold my hands up I have a 'thing' for doll toilets. I blame my parents (don't we always) LOL As a child I had the Sindy bath and wash basin but not the toilet! It was in the book i had seen it in the book I wanted what was in the book but my parents did not understand!
So now I have maybe more than just a few!!!!!

After taking the picture I found four more toilets.... there might still be more?

I like the Sindy ones best as the scale is better.

The first thing you need to do is remove the base. It comes off pretty easy with pliers. Then sand the base for a smooth finish.

When painting many thin layers are best or it will get a cracked effect.

For each layer of paint turn a little so you get all angles. Once cover with undercoat then your ready for the top coat. White gloss is what I use for toilets I think. Again…