What have I been doing?....

.....Not a lot! It's my daughter Sophie's 16th Birthday tomorrow and I have been getting things organized for that.
Above is a picture of my other daughter Amy in my doll room. I said I was going to take some pictures and little miss vanity had to 'help'!!!!

 Started moving in the dolls.... these are some that I could not fit on to my 'waiting' shelves (where dolls will wait when not in play)
 When I was showing you my pictures the other day I forgot to show you Neal and Sarah's living room....

 The hospital is starting to take shape
 This is the Barbie Boutique it has a elevator which I like a lot! Need to remove one of the 'struts' (bits of wood) so it can fit in properly. Then I need to decide... do I live the boutique UP so the top floor is level with upper floor..... OR do I put in STEPS to the upper level? Any suggestions happily received.

Check out the green toilet (you know I love my toilets LOL) the wash stand with price tariff and green chair. I understand these are quite hard to find? I got them on Evil Bay last week I think they are Dutch? Anyone know anything about them?

 Sorry not got these pictures in order but this is going back to the Boutique and shows steps leading up to the second level from the top of the boutique (one of my options?)

 Had a little sort out of the nursery stuff
 My wallpaper collection is STILL expanding even though I told myself no more!
 The doll holding shelves
 More of my guys in waiting...


  1. This is really amazing. I'm so jealous. I think steps would work great for the boutique.

    This is really coming on a treat.

    I hope Sophie has a wonderful birthday. Look forward to seeing your pics of that.

  2. I tried leaving a post on the last update, but it got erased and I didn't it. So I will say the say thing I said last time. "Wow, you have made a lot of progress!" My new comment for this post is "I can't believe you are still buying toilets". LOL! I'm sure the boutique will look nice either way.

  3. Wow, your room is so amazing. Oh those floors in Neal and Sarah's living room. *drooool* I'd like those in 1:1 scale!

    Happy Birthday Sofie and Happy Mother's day to you.

    Such adorable girls. How on earth to you keep their hands off YOUR toys? (I'm a mother of two girls under two, so I'm taking notes!)


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