Started on the Shopping Mall....>>>

OK, so I'm having trouble staying focused on one thing and have now started on my shopping mall
Starting on the ground floor across the back wall is the Supermarket
 Next to the Supermarket is the Bank/Post Office
 Then the Food Court

A view through the central walkway at a couple of small stores (Beauty, Jewellery and shoes)Oh and the lift (elevator) that tacks you to the upper level.
 Then on the upper floor
 Looking towards the Teen Boutique
In the main woman's fashion area I used grey marble tiles but I thought they needed a little extra so I glitter painted them. Not sure if the glitter shows though so I will give the at least another coat and maybe a clear gloss top coat?
Then I noticed a bit of a stir amongst the dolls.... Apparently we have an interloper... a squatter no less!!!! One that likes open plan living as he's removed the walls (to sleep on)!!!! He's not done much for the plumbing either.... spot the pink and purple toilet on it's side. YES, ANOTHER TOILET!
Anyway back to the Shopping Mall Upper Floor.... Women's Wear

  And the Children's Dept
 A view though Men's Wear
 And across from the lift area
Still got a lot of furniture painting to do plus, add a few walls Oh, plus the lighting and the ceilings!

And Now a few items I'm looking for.... please contact me if you have any of these your willing to sell

 Wu Rail
 Sindy Bedding
Barbie Lockers

And finally if you want to see what my Boutique used to look like LINK


  1. hi, I love your collection! I was wondering if you are willing to sell any of it? I have been looking forever for the "baked goods" and "frozen food" fridges to make my own flower shop. If you can't sell them could you please tell me what playset they are from? I would really appreciate it! :-)

    1. Sorry I don't have anything for sale. The fridges are from some years ago and sorry I have no idea who made them?


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