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Top Floor

That would be the top floor of my hotel, I had at one time thought I
had finished this diorama but a ball and the wonderful English weather had other ideas. 

My doll room is a purpose built building separate from my house and is supposed to be a garage, but I had it built without the window and garage door. So anyway a ball got stuck in the top of the drainpipe I never noticed and water seeped into the back wall. 

Well I noticed in the end but by then it was to late! So ball removed and wall left for a month to dry out. Everything on the upper three shelves along the back wall was removed and once the wall was dry painted with a gloppy anti mould stuff, then painted white. 
The top floor is a car park so pretty easy to re-do.

Below then on the left was the hospital this just needed a few adjustments and was fine. The Children's and Birthing Room

The rest of this floor is taken up with the top floor of my hotel. Now these walls took the brunt of the damp and the back walls were unusable…