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Te guys are working hard to get the Mall ready for opening
 The Bridal Dept is almost ready
 The Teen Boutique is looking good

 The entrance is up in the lift (elevator) A massive chandelier hangs down over an opening where you can see the ground floor
 Hello Godfrey.... mummy's little helper!
At the end  is a Perspex window to allow for extra light

 Still a lot to do in the Children's Dept. The guys disuse what still needs to be done!
 In Menswear The desk needs some screws tightened

 In women's wear the cleaning is underway

Meanwhile on the ground floor
 Every thing was cleared out so that it could all be painted!

New Goodies>>>

Received two lots of goodies today...
 This lot from Nikki
 and these are from Barbara E
Just love new goodies!
Oh, and I did get a couple of doll room hours.... until I received a phone call from Amy's school! They 'thought' she might have been stung and could I come to the school as they are not allowed to touch her so they can't look!!! A ten mile round trip for what looked to me like a zit!