Little Update...>>>>

 Side view of Neal and Sarah's home
 Starting at the top.... The nanny's room. This will have a door each side of the bed., the one at the back will lead to the bathroom and the other will lead to the nursery.
 The nursery.... they know the new baby will be a girl. She will be inheriting Dawn's cot.
 This will be the spare room as they gets lots of visitors.
 Dawn and Ben's room
 Master suite.
 Behind the bed is the on suite shower room and walk in dressing area.

 Family bathroom
 Dining room
 Neal's office.

 Living room
 dining room
 Kitchen, this will have patio doors leading into the garden
 Child's bedroom
Second child's room. No, they do not have a toilet in the bedroom. There will be a wall on each side with a door from each bedroom opening into the shared WC.

All rooms are still really in the planing stages. Now the boards have arrived I can start putting in the ceilings and then fixing the walls.
I'm sort of spreading the furniture around ... sort of moving it about until I lose it!!!! LOL Lot's of it will need painting and I still need to sort out the lighting. I have a rough plan but it keeps changing... I guess that's the way it goes?
Now I'm starting on the middle section, just fixing the flooring and yet again more organizing! I'm starting to think I'm a little anal with this organizing and RE organizing thing? Been working a little on the hospital too.
Not getting very far as I'm spending a lot of time running the girls around this last week.


  1. You've made great progress and everything is looking great!

  2. It's all looking very nice. Loving all the wallpaper choices and the rooms look awesome

  3. This is coming along great. I love the furniture. It's exquisite. It's facsinating seeing how your plans evolve and morph. Now I want a huge room for all my dioramas. LOL

  4. I just found your blog today and I'm having palpitations over here! I'm going to take a deep breath and dive into these posts! I thought I had a doll room. A doll town! You could charge admission and I would want to visit every day! Inspiring!

  5. love your wall paper choices & it is so fun watching your rooms developing!


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