Slowing down on the buying....

So I can get on with the building

Well I started last week OK but by the end....
Well see for yourself!
 Got this lot because I wanted the high-chair!
 OK, so I know I'm cracked in the head!!LOL
 But there was some good stuff
 Everything except the orange Sindy bathroom and pink wardrobe was in one auction.
 Camping anyone?

 Anyone got a picture of this MacDonald's set not sure what the missing bases look like?

 Any guesses as to any of these? (above)

 These dolls were also in the box! Plus, som clothes that are in the wash!
 Oh, and some baby clothes from another auction.


  1. It took me a long time to even see the high chair! You got some great stuff. Love the crocheted baby items. Did you buy those from a seller who made them?

  2. Thanks! Yes, I brought the outfits on Evil Bay!

  3. The silver bendy thingie is the base of a table lamp.

  4. Wow you've bought quite a lot. The dark grey piece is the bottom of a table lamp. I have the McDonald's drive thru set but I'll have to dig it out one day to let you know what's missing

  5. What fab goodies! Well done and those knitted baby clothes are so cute.


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