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A few Dioramas finished at last

OK, so not completely finished but almost
First up Cali's Cake and Coffee Shop

Just need to add the door

Notice the toilets

Just a simple little thing.....

I wanted to add lights to the school rooms and as I was dismantling the rooms to add extra strength to the floor/ceilings now would be a good time. 
When looking through e.bay and Amazon I came across these lights no batteries it uses a USB. That sounded good a nice light weight neat looking light I could just un-clip and charge. 

You need to have the cable PLUGGED IN for it to work
OK, so cable not to big or heavy I could cut a small slit in the ceiling and it would still work BUT I will some sort of USB plug for it to plug into.
I return to Amazon/e.bay and find a small portable charger not much bigger than a lipstick.
I order two just to see how it works (I need six)
They need a strange sized battery you can't buy in normal shops so it was back to Amazon as I did not want to wait for a delivery from China. 
I want to get this thing finished so decide to get Amazon PRIM after all I can cancel it in 30 days and no extra postage required. (so long as I remember to cancel it)

Dramas and Dioramas

Now the temperature has dropped back to normal for summer (in it's 70's not the 100's) I've been able to get back into the doll room. Why is it so hard to do just the one room at a time? This first picture is from the school. 
Here I'm reinforcing the ceiling/floors and 'tidying' things up!.... I need new lighting and so as it needs to be glued to the ceiling I've come to a stand still. There's a story to the lighting .....I found some slim lights charge with a USB, sounded like a good idea not having a battery box hanging around. So turns out they only work when PLUGGED IN!!!! So OK, I look for a USB charger. I find a small one. Turns out it needs SPECIAL BATTERIES!!!!! So I look for the batteries the have to be RECHARGEABLE batteries, so now I need to buy SPECIAL BATTERIES and A CHARGER!!!!! This is not going how I wanted AT ALL! 
So I thought i would work on something else...maybe my cafe? Then I realise that I need to make the diorama that's b…