I got mail...>>

Just thought I would show you my latest finds

 Orange Sindy bathroom.... Oh, look a TOILET!
 Check out the bath hat!
Need to find the sink half of this kitchen set.... they have them on evil bay but I keep getting out bid! *sigh*
 This is such a good style of fire.... even lights up!
 Two room dividers
 More hospital beds, I think I have enough now.... but never say never! LOL
 Dressing table.... the wings on the mirror are broken so I might turn this into a desk?
 and another bathroom in blue, sadly no toilet with this one!
All the above items are Sindy apart from the hospital beds.
My cat Didi and himself.... GODFREY! Who's knee is feeling a lot better now!


  1. Great finds! I knew there would be a toilet there. Funny you guys call that a bath hat. We call it a shower cap.

  2. Love the bathrooms. I have some Sindy furniture now I have to look through it to see what I have..LOL

  3. Hey, check out the sink at the link below.



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