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I'm Baaaaack

So been gone a long, long time my doll room has had quite a overhaul ... well the start of one anyway. 
I decided to redress my dolls all 525 of them! Then my dad had four heart attacks (greedy I know) he is OK, now after having two stents fitted.
So for many months I have just been using the room as a dumping ground now it's tidy up time!

The stupid downloader decided to mix up the pictures and as there are 67 of them I can't  spend the next couple of hours trying to get them back in order so apologies for the jumping about.....

Redressed dolls awaiting their new spots 

 Winter wonderland




 All newly arranged Boutique


Children's wear

Dolls waiting for a wedding  


The spare bedroom at Neal and Sarah's home 

 Dawn and Ben's bedroom (Neal and Sarah's children)