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Books, CD's and DVD's

The making of books for our dolls can be pretty complicated, what with the copying, sizing, printing etc. So this is an easier way to do it. First look through newspapers, magazines and catalogues for book adverts. I love the Mail on Sunday supplement (UK) it has book reviews and the pictures are just the right size. But I'm sure there are others.   To make your own books you will need Craft knife or similarFoam core board. I use a mix of depths 3mm, 5mm and 10mm.Glue stickScissors 
 Cut out your books leaving extra paper on the left (to wrap around the board)
 Glue the cover side to the board face upwards

 Cut around your book with a craft knife. I always cut twice. Once around the edge but not right through then again cutting right through. This helps if the board is thick or knife not as sharp as should be.
Then glue the extra paper around the board. Make sure you dab extra glue on the spine of the book and rub with your finger for a clean finish.

If you want your book to open you…


We all have our nemesis that 'thing' that we just don't want to try and make/do/invent! Mine is doors!
No idea why I have just never wanted to make doors. I need to my homes need me to I JUST DON'T WANT TOO!
But now is the time to bite the bullet and just GET ON WITH IT! See even when I'm writing this I'm waffling away so as to avid 'them'......doooors!

First lets start with the easy bit. There are doors in 1:6 scale that you can buy. Pedigree made them for Sindy waaaay back when. BUT you can still find them on E.Bay....... 
I just had a look BOY they are expensive now and there was only one £29.99!!! The other problem is the are a little short if you was to use them with Momoko (fine)

 or Barbie they will just about work

 but for those of us into Integrity Toys not so good.

You could of course make them work with some photo manipulation but otherwise not so good!

Another company that make doors is Houseworks but they are again to short at about 12" high.