Tools and equipment

Starting with the basics

This has a snap blade and you can buy refills 

I have one pair for cutting anything and others that a just for paper or fabric etc

Clear are good, mettle works well when using a cutting knife.

Hot glue

Now as you can see I do like a good glue....any sort of glue! It depends on the job as to what glue you will need.

One of my favourite is electricians tape, plus masking tape and double sided tape

Foamcore board
These come in black or white and in many sizes. The white can be found in three thicknesses 3mm, 5mm, 10mm. You can build a LOT using foamboard.

Cutting Mat  I use a large one and would say this is a must have

Bradle  For making holes

Sandpaper and block 


Dentist Spatula 

Back in my Diorama World

My last post was waaaay back in February 2019 (well at least it was THIS year) 
It's strange but after such a long absence I think it will take a while for me to get back into this diorama stuff.
Having said that I have been working on a few dio's just not posted about them as such. The summer was very, very hot and my doll/diorama room was even hotter so that was the summer months with no dioramas done!

As I have been MIA for a while I thought I would start with a re-introduction ....
I live in England and have been making dioramas for over 25 years on and off. When I moved to my present home I had a room built in my garden as my own little doll town, it's called The Priors.
I had the room framed out and I use foam-core boards for the walls, ceilings and floor. 

Most of my floors are covered in peel and stick flooring to give it some strength. I use a 5mm foam-core board as the base.
The ceilings are 3mm foam-core and the walls are 10mm. 

I often use human wallpaper samples to co…


Not showing mum's stuff today but a bit about me and mine. I had knitted in the past (as a child we would learn to knit at school. But was always to busy for such and 'old lady' thing. 
Then last year mum started to make a few thing for Amy's Barbie dolls. She had my Barbie Knitting book 

(there is also a crochet book too) 

She made Amy some lovely items and once I sore what was going on I wanted in on the act LOL. 

So I asked her to look at making a few things for me, mum was happy to oblige 

Now mum started to mix things up a little just using the book as a guide and making up her own patterns. 
By now I was interested and asked mum to show me how to knit. Took a while to get the hang of the casting on/off stuff but the knitting bit was easy 
I started with larger needles and making blankets for doll beds 

Then smaller needles and the baby blankets started 

Running along with the knitting I was messing with the Skipper Inc prams and I made some little baby bags to go in the p…