NEW: Mini Brands RETRO

 More new Mini Brands this time it's RETRO. Again I purchased three balls just to see if I like them... I do! Five surprises in each ball. Some I think might be a little big but well lets call them family sized. A gold Peanut Butter ... little big and gold a bit naff but OK as a family sized item. A gold Kodak film ... this is a little large but maybe a fun decorative item or as it's gold a photography award? The film fits in the EMPTY box, would have been nice if the came as one. What in all that is human is VEGETABLE JUICE? Boiled cabbage water? Does it smell as bad as it sounds? Did anyone out there drink this? I just looked this up and it's still made so I guess someone does! I love vegetables but I think this would be a pass for me... is it like cold soup? Anyway back to the dolls, I have some dolls I guess who might drink this. The can is a little big so family sized? The disposable camera, I think this could wok in the doll world. Oh, I LOVE this, I need the car wax


 NEW...Mini Brands GARDEN CREATE. These have the 'create' bit so in other words there is some putting together and some come with resin. These are a much better size than the home items and will work perfectly with our 1:6 scale dolls. Each shelf is one ball. The ladybird is a little on the large size but the flowers are perfect. You just need to fix them together The set comes with resin (water) I have not done this yet. You get the main item plus a small Cactus type plant with each set. Maybe this set should have come with slug killer? The third one is shape matching with the holes in the 'soil' and the plant stems. OK, so they might be bugs...but they are very cute bugs! And the leaflet  One side shows the instructions on how to put them together While the other shows the collection

NEW...Mini Brands Home

 I received my first three mini brands HOME today. Also received three of the Mini Brands Garden I will review them separately. I think these will work better for 1:12 scale dioramas I'm sad to say. BUT ever the optimist I do think I can work with most items in my 1:6 scale world. Each ball come with five blind bags. You know the furniture is going to be very small as it comes in these balls but I was optimistic that some of the other items would be OK. Eggs will work   Kitchen scales (mini) Might work for a drug dealer? Soup mug for those that are on a diet Rolling pin not to bad a size Table? Maybe a cake stand or a plant stand? Bento lunch box ...child's size? Basket, not going to get a very big snake in here maybe better for flowers? Air Diffuser looks to be an OK size Small food container, well these are always useful whatever the size. Mirror for on a dressing table as it has a stand or remove the stand for on a wall. Magazines... handbag size, we do have them this size i