Fires can be an interesting addition in a doll room.
Barbie, Sindy and Gloria have all made many a fire over the years...

This is a rather fun fireplace originally in red (nice change from PINK). This was one of my first experiments and I hand painted it an off white colour. I will one day give this a bit of an upgrade as I've learnt a lot over the years. Not sure what at the moment hence it still as is!

My dad is a model train enthusiast (OO scale) and I have over the years had a lot of help from him and also been to many a model railway show where I have picked up some interesting items that I can re-purpose. Below is one of those items a railway arch that I have painted (again a long time ago) and I need to add some grouting and maybe a wash?

Below is a Sindy fire , I came in the cream and I repainted it to black. This is one of my favourite fires as it lights up. Unfortunately the bulbs don't work and I need to find replacements. While these fires are easy enough to still find…