Shopping Mall

This is my Shopping Mall I have been working on this for ten years on and off, over the year pretty much all areas have changed to some degree. I guess the biggest change was last year when I added much better lighting. Even though these photos were only taken a few days ago I have made changes and before the dolls go in I'm going to make some more. It's just like a real Mall shops close, shops open. Merchandise gets changed, staff change and of course shoppers are always different. Now that I have two dolls rooms, this one and my loft I have divided my dolls. This is more because when I post in doll groups (not so much the diorama groups) on Facebook a lot are for Barbie or IT dolls not so many are mixed and the groups get funny with you if you post the 'wrong doll'. So empty dioramas for everyone then I might do a few pic's with the 'other' group dolls. After that I will put in the dolls who will be staying...well for a while.  So this doll room is for Int