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Neal and Sarah's Kitchen

Neal and Sarah are the dolls that started it all for me in the writing of The Priors. Both are OOAK (Neal is by Veronica Hage and Sarah came from the wonderful Dawn One Sixth Sense) and were purchased just before I needed to save up for a house move. My dad said I could never stop buying but I did! I called it Dolly Cold Turkey and this none buying made me look at my collection in another way, I started to play with my dolls.... build them homes and write about them. I also posted EVERY SINGLE DAY on Doll Divas Doll Board. Now you want to know how long? Honest answer I can't remember!But it was a VERY long time I think about six months? Now anyone who knows me knows six DAYS is hard for me. My reward apart from the money to move was Giselle Diefendorf Costume Drama. But my unexpected reward was my love of writing, story telling and the making of dioramas. 
When I moved I had no place for my dolls so had to get a room/garage built... (more money and saving required) Check out the be…