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More Wardrobe ideas

Some more wardrobe ideas....

 I covered the shoe storage with plexiglass held on with magnets.

As you can see there are so many things you can do with this basic idea. Big boxes, small boxes. With rails and/or shelving.

Sindy Kitchen

In the Europe we had Sindy by Palitoy later by Hasbro and more recently Vivid Imaginations. Like Barbie they had good and bad times. I was never much of a Sindy fan (her head was to big... and her boobs to small) But her furniture was another matter. As a collector now of Fashion Royalty dolls the scale is almost perfect, while Barbie's is on the most part a lot smaller. 
These are vintage Sindy pieces.
Four options
Leave as is Hand paintSpray paintSticky back vinylI painted the handles chrome mostly I spray paint stuff but with all the little bits I decided on option 4.
I have sooo many rolls of vinyl just awaiting that day when....

I have a few of these oven units and was surprised that on all of them the handles are odd? Some face up and some down, I looked at some on e.bay and they were the same? When I get around to it I will have to loosen the odd ones and re-stick them.

I thought gold would look good. When I cut out the shapes I only added about a cm for overlap. I now know thi…