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This is what I'v been up to....>>>

This is just a few quick pictures of what I've been up to  Neal and Sarah's dining room
 Their kitchen
 Their nursery for  Dawn and Ben
 Master bedroom the house next door #3 The Priors
 #3's bathroom
 #3 second bedroom

 #3 third bedroom
 #3 living room
 #3 dining room
 Hospital ICU
 Assortment of apartment rooms

 Hotel bedroom penthouse
 Another hotel room

Trains, Planes and Auto mobiles....Plus, Scooters, Boats, Motor Bikes.... Oh, and a Horse!

Well, I think the Tittle says it ALL!!!!!

 And now for today's look around INSIDE....
 Neal and Sarah's 'on suite'
 Start of the Hospital

 Some apartments now have the kitchen's and bathrooms

 A few of the cars are now in the roof top carpark

 Started on the school
 But still a loooooooooong way from being organised!
The wallpapers are spreading out!
So that's it for now. As you might have guessed I have changed the 'one home at a time' and gone for the ALL OUT BUILD!
Reason? Yes, I even have a good reason for doing it this way.....
What is it? Simples.....(simples will only be understood if you have seen the Meerkat advert)
I LOVE this advert!!!!

Anyway back to


Well having given it some (a lot) of thought and trying to decide where to start I decided on Neal and Sarah's home!
For those of you that don't follow my doll stories 'The Priors' Neal and Sarah are my two main characters. To read more about them or my stories check out my website SUWI'S PLACE the stories are all under the link THE PRIORS I also have some more 'adult' stories in my UNCUT section (you will need to be a member of my site to read these)
So back to some pictures for today.....

 My plans.... I'm getting to the stage where I can't make head nor tail of them so deep breath and chill out!!!!
 So much wallpaper..... I had to label all the rooms so I don't forget what's what!  Supermarket  Bank  windows  Beach  Oh, look that's a hospital in the making!!!!  Garden .....stuff!  MORE garden.....stuff!  Ahmmm.... I think this will be a boutique?  More boutique  Restaurants and CafĂ©'s Wall...walls and more WALLS!
And now for the first in my new…