Sometimes you have to make things look worse before they get better

Sometimes you have to make things look worse before they get better, and in my case a LOT worse! LOL So you remember me showing you Neal and Sarah's home all set out with the furniture arranged..... all gone now!
 BUT I do now have (some walls and ceilings)
 This is the Children's Ward at the new hospital and is the ONLY diorama that's 'almost' finished.
 The bathroom in house 3 the workman have fitted the shell and suite but still need to do the tiling and lay the floor. Looks like someone has left a dirty towel on the floor?
 What I have learned so far... If your building rooms that go around corners... START IN THE CORNERS! Oh, and on the ground floor. Not so easy crawling around on the floor with such limited room , but a lot easier if you can get to the ground floor from the floor above!

 My builder put in a skirting board as I have an eight leg thing phobia (can't even say the word... or type it) So when it came to putting in the back wall I had to decide... large plinth around or wall to the floor? Decided on the wall to floor idea so I had to put something on the walls... don't ya just LOVE Polystyrene? So easy to use and FREE, this is packing that just happened to be the same depth as the skirting!
 This is another view of my Mall... this time through the window into the Children's Dept
 And on the ground floor looking in at the Food Court and the walkway
 The other side and the lift (elevator) plus the little shops
 A view looking down towards the Hospital at the end past houses 2 and 3
 The beginnings of a two story Night Club

Now someone asked the other day 'why no animals? Did I have animals?'.... Ahm, YEP one or two!

 Don't you just LOVE my flashing Bat! LOL

 It's HIM again trying to work out who shrank the cat bed?

 They are all packed away in this box which is why you won't have seen them. Apart from my horse (to big) and the Goldfish (in Neal and Sarah's living room)


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