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Not showing mum's stuff today but a bit about me and mine. I had knitted in the past (as a child we would learn to knit at school. But was always to busy for such and 'old lady' thing. 
Then last year mum started to make a few thing for Amy's Barbie dolls. She had my Barbie Knitting book 

(there is also a crochet book too) 

She made Amy some lovely items and once I sore what was going on I wanted in on the act LOL. 

So I asked her to look at making a few things for me, mum was happy to oblige 

Now mum started to mix things up a little just using the book as a guide and making up her own patterns. 
By now I was interested and asked mum to show me how to knit. Took a while to get the hang of the casting on/off stuff but the knitting bit was easy 
I started with larger needles and making blankets for doll beds 

Then smaller needles and the baby blankets started 

Running along with the knitting I was messing with the Skipper Inc prams and I made some little baby bags to go in the p…

Prams/ Stroller or what ever you call it!... Painting Plastic

I have a little bit of a thing for 'babies' Barbie and co babies that is. I also love prams/buggies/strollers or whatever!
For some time I had wanted a mini pram like you see so much in human size these days. Imagine my excitement when I spotted the new Skipper Babysitter Inc pram, it looked (almost) perfect. As soon as I spotted one on Amazon I had to get it AND it was not silly expensive. The pram's come in yellow with a white baby and pink with a black Baby.

(Not my photo's)

For some reason the pink pram is very hard to find in England, but I did find one on Amazon. The height was good too and worked well with the taller IT dolls. As you can see I painted mine 

So next the painting thing
The base parts come apart pretty easy but the top peace (bucket) can not be taken apart.
I wanted to paint the top of the bucket but leave the base grey. All the parts I did NOT want painted I coated with a couple of coats of school PVA glue

While that dried I looked at the wheels and deci…