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Build a doll room PART THREE

This week we are looking at what we can do with those Fashion Royalty Stands
But first off I was getting bored building on my own so I thought I need some help... Please meet my helpers. I've employed a company called Ken & Co
It's owned by Emma Ken (I bet you thought it was owned by a guy called Ken?)

Her workers, Foreman Paul 

and laborers Kenith, Thomas and William.

Finally Emma's daughter Pinky she will be helping Emma and I with the designing and the fancy bits.

I guess I had better fess up and admit I can't just build stuff without adding a story... I like stories and I always have some story or other running through my head! LOL
.................................... Now back to work!
 A lot easier than you think

Find a shade, I've used a napkin ring but you could use a bottle cap or card even a toilet roll! Draw a line for the inside of your shade I used 10mm foam core but you could stick two pieces of 5mm together this would work just as well.
Cut out the ci…

Build a Room PART TWO

So last week we looked at building a small room this week we look at some simple ideas for your room....

You have the room and for this we are keeping it basic. Only one wall decorated and a rug on the floor.
 You can pin the ceiling to the walls or just leave it balanced on top.
What about two rooms?
 Maybe a on suite? The striped floor is a wallpaper scrap.
 Going for the open plan look. Remember those two side walls that you cut shorter. You can use them as side panels. 
What if you wanted a studio apartment?

I did not have a piece of board the right size so I joined two pieces together. If your covering the wall any coloured tape will do. I'm leaving mine white but thought the funky black line worked?
 It's easy to separate the rooms by just using different coloured flooring.
 And scraps of board any size you like, the area between the two walls in the 'hallway' is crying out to be something?
Remove the two wall sections and lay one on top of the other. Use a doll stan…