Barbie Bus Re-Vamped..... Part Two

 I FINISHED my bus at last after two and a half years... I blame the weather you need good weather for outdoor spraying.It has nothing to do with me procrastinating!!!!

The pictures are photos stuck onto a sponge type backing (check out next weeks post)

 The lamp is a drawer knob

 Check out the 'bling' lights

(glue was still a little wet on the right hand light but dries clear)

 For the flooring I used wallpaper in the living area and doll house floor for the sleep area
 I used a stick up light (IKEA) to light the sleep area
 I need to make a slim-line table but this one will work for now.

The tiled area that yo can see top right is a shower room or it could be a toilet? At the moment I can't find the shower head? (I put it some place safe I just can't remember where?)
 The bed folds in half as an extra seating area and gives more room to move around
 Oops! A little chip I need the white paint AGAIN!
 And just because he was my little helper today.... GODFREY!


  1. Hello from Spain: awesome job. This car is fabulous. Very real. Great colors. Great photos. Lovely cat. Happy New Year. Keep in touch

  2. WOW Sue, you did an amazing job, so detailed....wonderful!
    Happy Holidays

  3. Your bus is fabulous, I love everything in and on it! Great job! A hug to Godfrey for helping :-)!

  4. Fabulous job! I want to ride in it myself.

  5. WOW! I haven't had the nerve to take on a project like this. I am blown away by it! It really photos well too. I love all the detail you did with it.


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