The Boutique moves on....

 The fitting room
 Woman's wear

 Entrance to fitting room still needs curtains

 You can just see through to the Teen dept on the left and Bridal on the right
 Menswear still need to paint the two cabinets and yellow shelving unit

 Baby/Children's Dept again a couple of units still need painting

 Looking through the store window. Again this unit needs a little work, I was thinking of replacing the pink 'doors' with photo's?
 The Bridal dept

 Teen Dept and again the unit still needs painting and I need to make a couple of clothes rails.

 Behind the blue rail is a opening that you can see down to the floor below.
Still fitting the ceilings and the lighting then it will be done! Well apart from the outside walls and some stock.... oh, and staff a few customers might help too!


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