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Holiday finds

A week in Bognar and Brighton, I found some great stuff. I had seen a few people post the Shopkins supermarket items but did not think we would get them in UK. I was WRONG! Found some in the Entertainer toy shop 

 Another great miniatures place is Tiger. 

 Found these chairs in Tiger along with the shelves and the road signs


I'm often asked about storage, do I have a magic system? Nope it's a mess and I often spend longer looking for stuff than making stuff. A quick tidy can take days as I often stop for a quick 'play with some long lost item. I have things like soldering irons and blow torches still not removed from boxes! I have things I remember buying but have stored them away so well I have never seen them since! I'm forever saying I should have a second floor on the doll room (can't happen not designed that way).
I have stuff in many rooms and even when I have a clear out I still have as much as before... or even MORE? How does that happen???
 All the boxes are filled with... I know not what?
 I've started on a second row with the wheely gig on the right in the above picture
 Secret peek at my ambulance
 More storage boxes and my wallpaper collection. I also have two double and two single kitchen base units filled with fabric. A double and single wall unit also filled wit…

Diorama Dolls

These are the dolls I make my dioramas for...
Starting with the little ones

Going from left to right  I found this one on E.Bay it's a little bigger than most but still workable. Look for OOAK dolls then check out miniature/Barbie or doll house. This one is hand made and gifted to me. Also look on Etsy A Mattel babyThis little one I found at a car boot sale and the clothes are painted on, advantage for this one is she will stand on her own.

Going from left to right  Doll house baby with beanbag body Mattel doll she has been re-painted  Generic baby doll I think it might be from the Steffi line? Mattel doll also re-painted

Going from left to right Mattel Shelly/Kelly/Chelsea or whatever they are calling her this week?Nari Pon from Japan and no longer made but I love the articulation and she is wigged. Mattel Shelly/Kelly/Chelsea on a Obitsu 11cm body. They come with two skin-tones natural or white. Another great thing with this body is it comes apart and you can buy extra hands. This one …