Just a couple of goodies....>>>>

 This lot arrived this morning
 And here are the contents
 Oh, look... ANOTHER toilet! Plus, a bath with some bottles and the shower unit.
 I just LOVE this chair gotta get some more of these
 Love this dressing table at the front too! Never seen this style before?
 Hats for the builders, Workers boots, Crocs and three silver pens
 The three kitchen units came with washing up bowl, toaster, bread bin, rubbish bin, dustpan and brush a two broom heads. Got to mack some broom handles now!
Bread board, and a ton of other stuff. Oh, and not quite shown in any of the picture but I also got TWELVE silver folding chairs.


  1. Oooo I love doll loot! I want to come play at your house.

  2. Awesome!!! You find the neatest things!

    Love, Dawn - OSS

  3. Wow! Great finds! Oooh folding chairs. Love the brown chair too.

  4. That's a nice little haul. I have two red chairs like the brown one. They are fab, but tend to tilt forward, dumping the doll on the floor who then gets up very indignant and kicks the chair and shouts at me! LOL

  5. I've been eyeing that same yellow kitchen and those chairs. (thanks for the tip NyXyz Nook) Cool score!


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