Working my way around

Working my way around my doll room and still sorting through the mess.
 Shelves still overflowing with 'stuff'

 Looking down towards the hospital
 Car Park

 Lower two floors are the nightclub, upper three floors are apartments

 One of my homes

Somewhere in there is a swimming pool 

 Ground floor shop and the other floors are apartments 

 A studio apartment, I'm thinking I will make it bigger?
 Random dolls

 Five floors for Neal and Sarah's home

The park and above more apartments


  1. It is amazing how much you are able to get into your space and still be able to do your photos! This really makes me want to start organizing my doll room now! Currently, it is spread out all over the basement, but my daughter wants to be able to start using that as a teenage hangout space. So I have some switching around to do! I am going to move the doll room into the sewing room -- for the most part and then sewing and crafts will occupy space and cabinets that are easier to hide when they are hanging out! Lots and lots to do!

    1. I'm forever moving stuff between the doll room, my study and the store room (dining room) It's better when the weather is good (not very often we get the right weather though) then I can use the garden as well. The best bit is unpacking the boxes once you have moved them it's.... amazing what you find that you never knew you had. LOL Have fun and enjoy yourself

  2. Lovely to see your doll room's so bright and well lit...thanks sharing!

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  4. Love it!! Reminds me of mine.

  5. I Just found your Blog 2 Hours ago and I have been Glued to my computer since! YOUR PICTURES MAKE ME HAPPY! AND MOTIVATED! Doll Room Goals!


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