Up close and dirty..... Part One

Up close and dirty...I think that's what they call quick photo's? So below are some ore random photo's but these are a little more detailed. 
                                  Work to be done

This is Agnes and Jonathan's home they live here with their 17 year old daughter Akaine. They have two older children Neal and Giselle. Agnes is a Model (think Jerri Hall) and Jonathan is a retired financier. Akaine is studying music.

Bedroom ....paper in one area to be redone and bathroom finished

Walls to be fixed and decorated in family bathroom plus flooring and lighting. Hallway walls and lighting
 Akaine's bedroom walls to be decorated plus flooring and lighting
 Walls and flooring needed in living room and kitchen to be refurbished plus lighting
 Desk to be re-painted
 Garden to be turned into a garden.
Throughout the home all doors, windows, skirting's and trims to be added.


Walkway from car-park to terminal needs walls/windows
 Book-in desk
 Security check
 Waiting area
 Back of lift (elevator) requires buttons and trim
 Runway needs debris removed
 Another look at the walkway and carpark
Angela's home has no walls, lights, and not much in furnishings either. No doors, windows or trims either. Angels is Agnes's sister she has an adult son Luke. Agnes is divorced from Richard and hates being alone so is on the prowl for a new man.

 Tottam and April are just moving in together they still need walls, lighting and flooring plus doors and trim.

Does not look much like it yet but one day this will be a piano bar
 Cafe needs pretty much everything done

 This is where Danni lives with her two children Rickie and Beri, her ex-husband Luke spends a lot of time here too. Danni owns a fashion shop. Her ex is a piolot.
All rooms need walls, lights, doors and trim

 Bath, sink etc need a repaint

Garden required

Darius lives above his nightclub in a small studio apartment. He invested all his money in his club and as he is hardly ever home does not need much. His girlfriend Dasha stays quite often.
 This is almost done needs trim and a front door
 His bathroom is also a wet room and just needs the shower and fan added



  1. You have soooo many homes in the works! I do miss your stories! Look forward to more!


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