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I know it looks like I have been missing from the doll world for some time now. It's not that I have stopped 'playing' more that I have started home tutoring my daughter and life in general has been keeping me from my computer. But in my spare time I have made some progress and I will be starting up my tutorials again soon. For now this is how it is and where I'm at.... 

My doll room was one BIG mess, you know how it is you find something new just put it down for now and as soon as you get a few minutes you will find it a home. Trouble is this happens over and over until in the end you have no idea what you do have.

 So it was time for a good sort out BEFORE I start work on all my projects
 Sindy kitchen furniture
 Bits of a bar and sweet shop
Lots of new storage boxes (these are on wheels) and a table for sorting things out on. The table was just outside my doll room door and could only be done on a nice day with no wind. When removing items from my doll room a human guard is required as my eight cats just LOVE getting into my doll room and acting like a bunch of mobile destroyers. 
 This is my study and those white boxes are all full of clothes.
Another study picture with a pile of flooring amongst other things.
Once the odds and ends were removed I could have a look at what was left and start to reorganise it.
 Boutique, the dolls are all dressed the same as they all work in the store

 Then it was time to fill it with customers 

Next to woman's wear is the men's department 

Below the boutique on the ground level is my supermarket. This runs right through to the other side so is about four foot long. I have the lights set up on this side but still have them to do on the other side (once I find them)

Next door still on the ground level is the Bank/Post office
 Again all the staff have a uniform 
 At next to this is the Food Court

Above the shipping Mall at the moment is were all the 'stuff' I'm using goes but this will one day be a beach. So going up to the next floor we ave the Airport
Note: the wood coming away from the ceiling  
Through the back you can see part of the school with the paper coming off, quite a bit of repair work needed before I can move on to the next section....Oh, ? That's interesting I'm working in sections? Nope, I just float from area to area maybe if I did work in sections I might actually FINISH something! Food for thought....
 But back to my random wanderings a cafe
Above the cafe ....I think this will be a ski lodge? Maybe?
And finally just because I had the camera in my hand at the end you can see my hospital and guess what...it's not finished either!
What I have shown you today is just a small section of my doll room, please feel free to scroll back and look at some more of my mess...Opps! I mean my dioramas...yes, my dioramas!


  1. Glad to see you haven't left the doll world completely!

    1. No, I would like to think that would never happen... my doll world is my release from the stress of life!

  2. Oh wow, you have quite a job ahead of you! I have a similar situation, but not on such a grand scale as your do. I get down to my doll room and start on something, then I get distracted, then I do something else. Baby steps, take baby steps!

    1. YEP! Today sorted out a few things in the doll room then the rest of the day sticking wallpaper to boards! LOL

  3. A pleasure to find anewyour messages, and another pleasure to see that there is not only at home that the cats like to turn into destroyers among the dolls and the material of craft in general!
    Anyway: congratulations for your work and your lovely pictures :-)

  4. I always love your dioramas and your tutorials...but what I miss and have not seen in a very long time are your stories! I hope one day you will bring them back! :-)

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  6. OMG...I don't think I've ever seen a 1/6 scaled shopping mall with so much stuff and sooo many dolly customers! You almost forget they're dolls! Even though it's crammed with stuff, the photos are amazing. Glad to see a post from you.

    1. Thank you, I have been swapping things around a bit and will be posting new pictures of the whole Mall soon.

  7. I Hope to have a Doll Room Like yours! im gonna get there! xoxoxo happiness!

    1. It's taken me many years to get into this much of a mess... I'm sure you can too! LOL


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