Up close and dirty....Part Three

Dirty as in the photo's. They were taken on the hoof so to speak.
Marco and Lilith's home, the newlyweds (6 months) Marco is Neal's lawyer specialising in contract law. Lilith is Edens twin she is yet another model.
Their home requires a lot of work and I'm not happy with the layout so will be changing things around.

 Marilyn's Restaurant 
Does takeaway as well are eat in oriental food
I need to make the tables and re-paint the signage changing it fro McDonald's to Marilyn's. Other than that it's pretty much finished.   

 My main character's Neal and Sarah. Neal is an actor and Sarah his wife. Their marriage has had more than it's fare share of problems. Miscarriage, surprise birth, Neal's infertility, a son by another woman, Sarah getting shot and turning into a nymphomaniac, Neal being arrested for pushing her down the stairs, (he didn't) Neal being arrested for assaulting Kyori. Blackmail and almost going bankrupt! Neal is the son of Agnes and Jonathan, the brother of Giselle and Luke's cousin. Sarah's father is Stephen and she has two sisters Rumi and Kandy plus one brother Jed. 

Their home is the closest to being finished as it was the one I started on. It's also the one with the most mistakes and has been redone more than once. It even has doors! Although they are not all fitted yet.

 Their housekeeper Faizia
 And live in nanny Molly

Darius's Nightclub
Pretty much finished just a few 'tweaks'  

 Picture taken through the blackout glass

End of part Three


  1. Love Neal and Sarah's place. It is just huge!

    1. Yes it's my biggest house, in fact I only have two houses all the rest are apartments.


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