Up close and dirty.... Part Four

Last of my 'dirty' quick pictures.


 The home of Pippa, Dylan and their children Delilah and Unity. Dylan is Jed, Iver and Psyched boss.

Almost done and I have just started to add doors.

 Swimming pool (yes it's there someplace!) This is part of the hotel but is swamped by people awaiting the building on my beach. This will be above the shopping mall and will be 4 foot by 6 foot. For the moment this area is being used for my storage.

 The home of May and Psyched. They used to be work partners but May 'retired' when she became pregnant with twins Lizzi and Lotti. They used to work for the government!!!! Psyched only ever wears black and if he had his way their home would be entirely black... But it's not down to him and May says it's way to morbid to bring children up in a blacked out home! 

 Rumi and Iver. Rumi is Jed's twin and Jed works with Jed. Rumi has a daughter Eve and they have a son together called Marc. Rumi has two sisters Sarah and Kandy.

Almost everything needs to be done on their home

Requires doors and trim
 Upper school

 6th form

 Back to Upper school

 Lower School

 Nursery School

 An older couple Stephen and Maggie his second wife. Stephen is the father of Jed, Rumi, Sarah and Kandy. Stephen is now retired but used to own a newsagents. His first with died in childbirth and he was estranged from his children for many years. They are now working on getting things back on track. 

I don't like this set up so will be redoing it.

 And finally a public toilet! Some of you will know about my doll toilet obsession but for those that don't the story is as follows.
When I was a child I played Barbie and Sindy a lot. I live in the UK and my childhood covered the 60's and early 70's. I had most things for my dolls but never a toilet despite many requests for one. I so wanted a Sindy toilet (along with a man doll maybe why I have so many guys in my collection). So as an adult I collected many toilets. 
Having this small space, extra toilets and a wash basin set, plus a mirror set a public toilet looked like a good idea!


  1. I want a doll room too. I'm hoping I can get that set up in my next house. I just love that you have your own dedicated (specially built) room.

    1. Thank you, Jaye. It was a garage Built as a doll room or a loft conversion the garage was easier.

  2. I have a lot of work to do on my doll room, but seeing your's somehow made me feel that I can do it! It may take a while, but it will get done -- a doll house at a time!

    1. Yes, you can do it! A room at a time, an idea at a time, a house at a time. Take breaks in-between as well so you don't get stuck for ideas. I'm working on my Cricut machine this week while the ideas for the next stage in my doll room grow.

  3. Que coleccion tan bonita. Felicidades.


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