Up close and dirty ..... Part Two

Part two of my look around and my dioramas and a little about what I'm doing.

First up this is Hrithik and Giselle's beach side home. They have a small son Abhay who has Downs Syndrome. Hrithik is a Bollywood actor and Giselle is a model. Giselle is the oldest daughter to Agnes and Jonathan and Neal's big sister.

Flooring, walls, doors and windows to be done and then trim to be added.

 My hospital is doing well with only some odd jobs required (along with doors and windows)

The hotel is going through some refurbishment due to the back wall becoming wet (ball blocking drainpipe)

 All the rooms are in need of doors and trims

 This is the reception area
 And through to the hotel restaurant 

 This penthouse or white room had the most damage and will need to be re-done from scratch

 The next home we are visiting belongs to Richard (ex husband of Angela) and his much younger second wife Isabelle. Richard is old money and not sure what his 'business' is? Isabelle has never worked as she met Richard while still at university. She was a friend of Richard's son Luke and her mother was once a close friend of Angela's. An interesting side note Angela who was once a nurse (Looking for a hot loaded doctor) was with Isabelle when she gave birth.

Babies room
 I have a flat pack kitchen I will be building for this home

  This is Jed's place. Now Jed has a very interesting history ... a little to much to include here. I will say he is the twin brother of Rumi, and older brother to Sarah and Kandy. Their father is Stephen. Jed works with Rumi's partner Iver, lets just say they work for the government and ahmm travel a lot!
 His place needs quite a lot of work.
 Jed lives with JoElle and she owns a Hairdressers.

Kandy and Chris have the apartment above Darius. They got it cheap as it was above a nightclub. The walls are pretty well soundproofed so no biggy! Kandy is the baby sister to Rumi, Jed and Sarah. Kandy is a fashion buyers assistant and Chris works in his fathers boat building business.
 Apart from doors and windows ...oh, and a bathroom sink their place is almost done.

 Now on to Kori's place. Kyori is the ex mistress of Neal and she is a lawyer. She met Neal in Neal's Dates a reality TV show.

Her home requires a lot of work. I'm not happy with the arrangement so I think I will remove everything and start again.

Launderette....I had the machines and a little space so this is what it will be
 Two models in one place? Sounds like trouble... space for clothes...Nope! Big mirrors ...Nope!
Eden and Luke. Eden works a lot with her twin Lilith and was set to marry Luke in a New Year wedding but he was taken ill on their wedding day and ended up on life support. He is now well again and plans are under way for another wedding. Luke is the son of Richard and Angela making him the cousin of Neal and Giselle. 

Walls, windows doors and pretty much everything else.

OK, so now we are onto my biggest project. It's on two floors and is 6 x 4 feet on each floor.

Fashion store owed by Danni
 The shopping mall is pretty much finished, although I did have a bit of a fit the other day and make some changes to the supermarket.
New layout of supermarket
 All that's needed not are the exterior walls
Bank and post office
 Men's clothing
 A right mess...Children's department but I might move this and make this something else?
 Food Court

 Another view of the children's dept
 Looking down on the lower floor of the shopping mall
 Looking through the front doors into the Mall
 Upper level of the mall
 Walkway on upper level from the lift (elevator) to the store entrance
 Looking down from the walkway
 On the right a shoe shop awaiting stock. Next door to the Jewellers 

 Entrance to upper level store and Sportswear
 Another look at the shoe shop
The other side of the supermarket 
 Bridal Department

End of Part Two


  1. Like I said before, you do have a lot to do. So nice that you have dedicated space for all of your doll stuff though. It is quite a project!


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