Number One The Priors Part One

Welcome to my Diorama town THE PRIORS. I'm going to be showing you the good the bad and the ugly side of building dioramas and believe me there's plenty of the latter.
When I started this project more than two years ago I really was starting from scratch
 Yes, that's a frozen river!!!LOL I originally wanted a 'shed' type room but was worried how long it would last? Gets very wet in England. But then found in was cheaper to buy a concrete type building ... a garage without the big door (or a window)

 Had plenty of helpers
And soon I was ready to start
My builder framed out all the way round and then the middle. I would have liked solid walls and floors but it would have been to expensive and hard for me to cut. I've never drilled a hole or used a saw .... can we say CHICKEN? Can you see my wallpaper... I'm soooo obsessed with wallpaper!
Although I've already built a lot of my dioramas I'm going to start back with my first one.

Number One The Priors
Starting as you would with most homes, the entry hall and stairs
The floor is covered in sticky back plastic/ self adhesive vinyl. There are thousands on eBay or you can get it from DIY stores.  You do need to be careful though as sticking it to board is easier said than done. For a floor or wall I would defiantly recommend an extra pair of hands.
For all my walls, floors and ceilings I've used foam core board. Even buying foam core is not as easy as you might think
First of it comes in at least three thicknesses 3mm, 5mm and 10mm.
Then sizes
  • A0 1188mm x 841mm
  • A1 594mm x 841mm
  • A2 420mm x 594mm
  • A3 297mm x 420mm
  • 20″ × 30″ 508mm x 762mm
  • 30″ × 40″ 762mm x 1016mm
  • 40″ × 60″ 1016mm x 1524mm
 Colours are mostly White, black and silver. I use mostly white and I calculated the shelving based on A2 board for the depth and height. Trouble is I did not take into consideration that they join together (walls have to butt up against floors and ceilings) Opps!
In the picture above it does look a little like the paper is peeling off already but it's just not fixed yet. 

 The lower part of the hall table is a doll house display unit (eBay)
and the top is a glitter tile (sample)
 The stairs I will show you more about in a later post.
 Then on to Neal's office and an oops!
 I used a riser for Neal's desk but it was a little low so I used two fashion Royalty stands to rise it up a little. I was worried that the glue would show if I used it so I tried wide double sided tape but after a while the sticky stopped working and it fell apart so i will have to glue it and hope it works?
 The mat is a piece of scrapbook paper.
 The walls (5mm) have started to curve. I think it's because it can get very hot/cold and they at sometime became damp? Maybe 10mm would work better. Or as I'm hoping when I put up the covings and skirting boards? Again we will see soon.


  1. So exciting to see this being built

  2. You've put many hours into this. I hope everything holds together for a lifetime as I enjoy your sets and stories so much.


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