Airport takes off

OK, so I'm starting to run out of ideas for headers! LOL But I have started work on the airport terminal....
Had to redo the top shelf and divide into two parts removing the centre  section... took dad and I the whole day!!!!
 This is what we are left with
 Now to place what items I have and work out if it will all work?
The box in the background will be the lift between floors. It started life as a plastic display case 
Found this 'airport' case thing on Ebay and took it apart

 Got to have your duty free shop
 and upstairs... well you can see my hand but as well as that we will have a coffee shop and a seating area where you can watch the planes fly in and out. This will be the arrivals lounge

 Back in departures you get a better look at my lift.


  1. That floor looks great also! Who would have thought of making a lift out of that? Suwi! LOL


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