I've been working on my doll room/ town for some time now. 
I think it's time to go back and fix the things I've been doing wrong and from now on not only will I be showing you my updates but will attempt to show you in more detail what I'm doing and how to do (or not do) things! LOL I will whenever possible give you details (websites) on items I'm using too.
At the moment I can't do anything in my doll room as I'm waiting for my dad to help me re-build the upper middle section (airport) so this is a good time to start at the beginning again.
Oh, and from now onwards if your a member of the Doll Divas family http://members.boardhost.com/DollDivas/index.html you will be getting to see what's a happening days before I post here plus, I'm hoping to have some giveaways exclusive to Doll Divas from time to time. 

But for this week just a few pic's around and about the town
Angela live in the top floor apartment she calls it the penthouse but not sure a one bed apartment is a penthouse?
 Angela still needs a fare bit of furniture
Although she does have her bed and a bed for Pumpkin her dog 

The bathroom needs a few walls and de-pinking 

In the apartment bellow Stephen and Maggie are settling in

And below them Jed has his pad
 Jo Elle is hoping he will ask her to move in?

 Behind the box in the corner? Bathroom with no door!

 Next door to Angela on the top floor lives Junne and Totem

 And next door to them Karl and Karen (Karen is into animal print)

 Then we have some large apartments
 This is the home of Richard and Isabelle
 No kitchen as yet

 Gizelle and Harry have a home on the beach

 May lives here and sometime when he is not off saving the world from baddies Psyched visits

The park is always busy

 In the corner will be a cafe. I'm using the McDonald's stuff but I'm not a fan so I need to change the name.... I found the most perfect name 


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